The best way to speak directly to your children, ​grandchildren, and generations to come.

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Close your eyes and imagine a movie where your great great grandma is the star hear the texture and cadence of her voice observe her tapping on her tea cup with anticipation and listen to her incredible memoir that has shaped your family history and molded your identity come to life on the big screen Isn t that the most amazing and timeless gift to pass down

The Process

Once you’ve selected a package, we work with you to schedule days and times to conduct the video interviews. If you have a package ​that includes “slice-of-life” video (broll), this is our time to capture you doing what you normally enjoy doing; going on a walk, golfing, ​swimming, gardening, reading, visiting friends & family, etc. We love to get creative showing your unique personality.

We ask you to complete a questionnaire about you and your life, to ensure we don’t miss any important parts of your story.

When we arrive on location, we set up the gear which takes about an hour, make sure you are comfortable, and begin the interview. ​The interview typically takes about an hour to an hour and a half, but if you need we can definitely take breaks. Clean up is about half ​an hour. Expect each shoot to last 3-5 hours in total.

Archival photos and videos are also critical to the process. The number of photos included in your film is based on the package you ​select. We also provide an additional service to digitize your old video reels or tapes to include in your film as well.

Within 90 days of filming, you'll receive your personal biography video.

The final video is archived on an online / cloud locations and a physical hard-drive to ensure that it can be viewed for generations to ​come.



1 Interview

100 photos

30 minute Film



2 Interviews

200 Photos

1-2 Minute Trailer

1 Slice of Life scene (B-roll)

60 Minute Film



3 Interviews

300 Photos

3 Slice of Life scenes (B-roll)

3-5 Minute Highlight

90 Minute Film


Flight Departure and Destination

Travel Fees may apply

Old Couple with Bouquet

For couples add $2000 to ​each package

VHS Tape Icon

Reel or VHS digitization and ​use in film is an addition fee

Customer Reviews

Kathleen B

Legacy Film co is the best! The husband and ​wife duo, Tim and Hannah, are incredibly ​talented and professional. They are easy and fun ​to work with. They did an amazing and ​thorough job capturing my life story. They made ​me feel natural and comfortable in front of the ​camera. Prior to our shoot, they had great ​communication and flexibility. On our filming ​day, Legacy was reliable, creative and easy ​going. The videos they’ve delivered are unique, ​picturesque and heartfelt. It has been such a gift ​to relive my life through the lens of two people ​who are so skilled and such magnificent ​storytellers. I will cherish these films forever ​and cannot thank Hannah and Tim enough for ​their hard work. We highly recommend Legacy F​ilm c​o​.

Thomas K

Thank you for the great work that you guys did. I have shared ​this video with dozens and dozens of people. The reaction ​is always one of admiration for your great work and the​ beautiful story that it was. Thank you!!!​

Jessica W

When it comes to story telling Legacy Film co is a top choice, ​working with Tim and Hannah is an absolute joy. They are high ​skilled, talented and efficient. Not to mention their end product ​is always breathtaking. 100% recommend !!

Br​uce G

”We all have stories to tell, and we all have many digital images ​and mementos that we cherish. I found #myautobiography to ​be a fantastic way to preserve my messages and keepsakes, and ​to present them in a unique way to pass them on for eternity.

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The FilmMakers

Tim and Hannah have a combined 25 ​years of experience as filmmakers. In ​addition to running Legacy Film co ​they produce corporate and ​commercial work and have worked ​with brands that include Amazon, ​Dairy Queen, Fujifilm and Samsung.

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